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Where Should You Dispose or Recycle Paint, Anyway?

June 30, 2019

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Do you care about doing your part to protect the environment? Following a home renovation, you could be left wondering how to dispose of unused paint and empty paint cans. Paint recycling is your earth-friendly choice.

A professional paint company can handle paint recycling. Your other options are looking for a waste-drop off facility that accepts paint and paint cans, or you can turn to companies like Habitat for Humanity or PaintCare.

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Paint Recycling by Professional Paint Companies

Your most straightforward and fastest solution for paint recycling is leaving it to a professional painting company. These licensed painters have the resources in place already for where to take unused paint and paint cans that have been emptied.

To avoid the dangers associated with dealing with hazardous leftovers, hire an expert painting company to take care of all of your interior and exterior painting services from the start. A reputable contractor will remove all the garbage when they leave, so you have nothing to do. However, if you've already done the painting, you can contact a painting company near you to see if they will take what you're trying to get rid of.

Paint Recycling with a Helpful Donation

Besides organizations like waste-drop off locations, Habitat for Humanity, and PaintCare, there are other opportunities for paint recycling donation. Call up your local schools and churches and see if they are interested in what you have. They may have upcoming projects that require paint, and you giving it to them is actually providing them with a benefit rather than giving them more work to do.

Paint Recycling and Local Laws

In many states throughout the country, throwing out old paint or the containers that they come in is against the law. You can't simply toss it in with the rest of your household trash unless you want to face costly fines.

If you can't find a professional painting company to take care of your paint recycling and there aren't any locations nearby that want your donation, you can always save it for later. Just seal it up tightly and put it in a dry, temperature-controlled storage area. You might need it anyway to touch up any scratches on your freshly painted surfaces.


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